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Book Readings

  1. The Foundation Volunteers come in and read one of The Foundation’s sponsored books followed by an open forum for students to ask questions about the Volunteer’s career or

  2. Book reading events take an average of one to two hours and are typically performed during the school day, we can also cater this to fit into already existing class schedules. 

Career Days 

  1. The Foundation’s Volunteers come in and give presentations on different STEM careers. These presentations are followed by an open forum where students can ask questions and learn more about these career opportunities and how they can become one if they wish. 

  2. Career days vary in time depending on the scale of the event and can be performed during the school day, an after school event, or a weekend event.

Stem events

The Foundation’s STEM events are larger-scale hands-on projects for students to take part in that demonstrate different STEM topics. Depending on the topic the school wishes to cover, these events can vary from introducing physics, engineering, and various other concepts.

  1. Sample Grade K-2 Event

  2. Summary: Volunteers of GTEF will ask students what they know about civil engineering, and then do a reading of “Roxy the Fox and the Tree Truss Bridge”. During the reading, volunteers will ask questions and keep students engaged with predictions of what’s going to happen. After the reading, children will get to build their truss bridges out of popsicle sticks to take home.

  3. Anticipated Event Length: 60 minutes

  4. Maximum Attendee Registration Size: 30

  5. STEM events take an average of half a day to a full day and are typically performed during the school day, an after-school event, or a weekend event. 

Tiering levels

The Foundation offers three levels of tiering to aid the implementation as much as we can.  Please note that all event times are flexible depending on the school's needs and will be discussed prior to scheduling events.  Tier 1 is intended for grades k-5, Tier 2 is intended for grades 6-8, Tier 3 is intended for grades 9-12.

You can download the links here: 

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