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Alexander Sands

Chief Information Officer

Alexander has worked as a solution-driven web developer and software engineer. He has focused on providing a collaborative work environment for customers, while also developing their software in an efficient and effective manner. Alexander has always been interested in the Development and Sales processes of a business - educating customers about pipelines and programs that make collaboration between different teams more fluid, for example. In the past, Alexander has acted as both a salesperson and leader within an engineering team; this experience has given him the ability to adapt to various working environments and client needs.


Alexander has been privileged to assist with projects in the fields of IoT, IT, and consumer electronics for both schools and businesses.


"In each case, I have brought my technical expertise and sales management skills to bear in order to help these organizations reach their goals."


When working with a private business on an IT project, Alexander has helped develop new e-commerce platforms as well as implement new systems with schools.

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