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Sarah Garcon

Mechanical Engineering Mentor

Sarah graduated from New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) with a Bachelor of Science in 

Mechanical Engineering and from there she attended University of Delaware (UD) where she obtained 

her master’s degree. She is now in the early stages of her career working as a Research & Development 

Engineer for Tioga Cardiovascular. On her personal time, Sarah enjoys spending time with her dog, 

reading, and learning about the performing arts.  

During her time at NJIT, Sarah realized that helping those who came after her was one of the most 

important things she could do. Because of that, she became very involved in the National Society of 

Black Engineers on various leadership levels. She also had the opportunity to work with The Perry 

Initiative, a program intended to teach high school girls across the country about careers in engineer 

and orthopaedic surgery.  

“I did not consider going into engineering until my senior year of high school; that was partially due to 

my lack of exposure and knowledge of the field. I wish I had been introduced to engineering from a 

young age and that is why I am excited to work with The Gearing Towards Engineering Foundations.”  

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